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    119630 -


    Im needing a tooth pulled, Im a single disabled dad of two children.

    Anything will help!

    Thanks and have a blessed day

    119531 -


    This request is for a single mom who has overcome so much hardship in her life. She has finally found a job that allows her to share her passion for others. However, she is without a vehicle and really needs one. I would love for her to receive help in purchasing a reliable vehicle so she can care for her daughter and  continue to work helping others.

    119495 -

    Single mother of 2 boys in need of help!!

    I’m a single mother of 2 boys, one is 6 and the other one is 2. We are trying to get into the shelter with Circle of Hope but we are really needing help right now. I don’t have a job and I’m needing help with a motel for about a week or two until I can get us into the shelter and get the help I need for me and my boys. Please. I really need someone’s help with somewhere to stay until I can get in the shelter, if somebody could find it in their heart to please help me and my boys. We are going through a hard time right now and really need help. Thanks and May God Bless You!!

    119428 -


    I need groceries like fruits, soups and meats. I also need about 385.00 to catch my health insurance up or it will be cancelled in May. I have cracks in my spine and take morphine for pain. I only get 735.00 a month and I can’t even buy dog food after the utilities are paid. Can u help me, please?

    119299 -


    Hi this is for my friend. He does not know I’m doing this for him be ’cause he never asks anyone for anything. He is always helping everyone with anything he can, but never asking for anyone to help him and he really needs it.

    Right now see he has cataracts and is completely blind in his right eye from them and almost blind in his left eye. He can’t work his construction job any more ’cause it’s too dangerous since he almost stepped off of a roof. He can not afford the surgery he needs in order to see.

    I have applied for help everywhere for him but no one seems to help the people in the United States that really need help. He has no way to make a living right now due to his blindness. Please, please help him so he can live his life like he needs to and be able to live a happy life instead of one that he’s always wondering how he’s gonna pay his rent, power and put food on the table again. Please help him. He’s 50 years old and a wonderful man. Please. He really deserves it.

    116360 -

    Misty Walden

    I have submitted a need before but a few things have changed me and my husband are now homeless the only way to get in touch with me is my mother-in-law’s address which is 1199 Green Street Circle Gainesville Georgia 30501 have a government phone 706-968-7783 or 706-386-1287. I’m just got a job now so that’ll help a lot but I need right now is a place to live and hard to come out with the deposits we are living out of my car I just need some help to get us through I have submitted this help before but have lost my information due to it’s in a storage bus please contact me if you can help thank you God bless you have a good day

    114542 -


    my husband is out of work due to a car accident, broke his back, i was laid off christmas eve, have to move on the 30th need help with house and car and ins. and getting gas to look for a job, we have lost everything, i get food stamps and have a 15 year old living here but need food too, iam also having some cancer issue and have a hyperparathyriod disorder, i am looking for a job, as much as i can.also have animals im trying to feed need help with lights at least until the 30th, at that point we will be homeless.


    114368 -


    Need money I work but can’t afford my bills I’m staying at my wife’s grandmas and expecting a baby in a month so I really need the means to pay bills possibly get in a place and buy baby stuff we are expecting a boy! I hate to ask but I’m in a real need thanks ahead of time and god bless

    113784 -


    I desperately need a job. I am a single mother of three beautiful children (a ten year old boy, nine year old girl, and eight year old girl). I have experience in healthcare management and 15 years of “Emergency Medical Dispatching”. I am struggling big time and the key is employment. Thank you for the opportunity to post to your forum.

    113550 -

    Struggling mother of two boys ages 6-2

    I am a struggling mother of two boys. Right before Christmas we lost our only way of going and my fiancee is the only one working at this time and of we could get help with about $700 we could our a down payment on something and get the tag and insurance. It would really help us out instead of having to get rides everywhere we need to go and my fiancee getting to work my boys getting to the doctor when their sick and getting my six yr old to and from school. If someone can please find it in their heart to please help us out it would greatly be appreciated. We have found a vehicle for about $2300 but it’s gonna be tax time before we can do anything.May God Bless each and everyone of you.

    112733 -


    I need a tuneup on my truck.
    I’m also needing basic refrigerated/frozen staples. Last Monday I missed a payment arrangement with Habersham EMC. My dad had planned to take me but was rushed to the er just before he left to pick me up.the medics thought I was a stroke.PRAISE GOD-IT WASN’T! However, they disconnected my power while there with him.reconnection took all but a couple hundred of my disability. I was able to get the $ up for my other bills by selling my table & such, so I also nees a kitchen table and queen bed frame.

    110994 -


    I am a 54 yr old single disabled woman with no health insurance who needs 7 teeth pulled and a set of dentures. Because of my poor dental health I rarely go out in public. Presently I have a tooth that is broken and infected. It has also cut a gash on the inside of my cheek that is very painful. If someone would help me get the dental treatment, I would be very appreciative. May God bless you during this holiday season. Thank you.




    110816 -


    Im looking for an angel to help my family with rent, My husband and I both work , With hours being cut on both of us we are having a hard time getting up enough money to cover us in rent, with Christmas coming up it makes us more terrified that we will have nothing to give to our kids, But a roof over our head is more important than Gifts.

    Thank you for taking the time out to read.


    We have two children

    110657 -


    Struggling to make ends meet. My husband recently lost his job due to the demand not being there. We have a 10 year old daughter and a 2 year old son and another fixing to be here in January 2017. My husband is out daily pounding pavements for a job in which could support this family. The house needs more renovation however that’s not our main concern. Christmas is coming and my daughter’s birthday as well. Bills are being paid, just barely. We have a kerosene heater but was trying to save for a propane tank but that savings got routed to bills… Rock meet hard place. I would really like to be able for  (1)-my husband to find a job which could support this family  (2)-to see my kids get a Christmas before it gets even more hectic with the baby in Jan. and (3)-Maybe to relieve some stress off of myself. (I have applied for jobs around but no one is willing to hire a 8 month pregnant lady) My husband is/was mechanic, has mechanical background(maintenance), and can work anything if it is shown (quick learner). I have some college background and am quick and efficient with a computer, can file, and do office work,  (may need refresher in excel) but other than that I am friendly and honest to a fault. So I suppose I am needing help/prayers for jobs and giving my kids the Christmas they deserve. Thank You.

    110266 -


    • Hello there…We have two boys ages 12 and 14. We have had multiple deaths in our family and a broken car. We just need help with Christmas for the kids. I know there is help for kids birth to 5th grade, I was wondering if there was help for older kids or if you can tell me where help is. Thank you so much.

    109846 -

    jonathan gailey

    Im homeless its coming winter I sleep in my car but it needs a starter it want run I don’t have the money to get it fixed I dont have but 2 pair of jeans and no coat I need help please thank you in advance for anything you can help me with

    109580 -


    My family and I need help with clothes for the winter. I have 3 children, ages 4,2 &1.

    108507 -


    My child started school for the first time this year now our gas budget almost tripled. We have cut out all unnecessary spending – even our phone bill, but still barely making it. All of our utilities are past due and can’t afford our rent this month. We have no family in the area to help. If we could just pay off our past due power Bill  ($200) or if someone could work around my husband’s work schedule/ school pick up and drop off to allow me to work we would be okay. I have years of managerial and customer service experience & would even work 3rd shift! Thank you for reading.

    108312 -


    I am a struggling single Mom who is trying so hard to regain independence. I am in need of some sort of dependable means of  transporation, My budget allows room for a payment however a down payment is where im struggling. Being new to the area i have no idea which lots have the best reputation let alone the ability to get around to look. However if i do not obtain a way to get to and from work im afraid i will lose my job. Getting to school functions doctor appointments or even the grocery store takes an act of congress. Any help would be appreciated more than words could express.

    108125 -

    Christmas Help

    My husband and I have experienced some hardships this year and we are trying to get back onto our feet, With Christmas coming up rather soon, I’m  looking for someone to be a Christmas Angel for my two girls, or someone to direct me on where to get help.



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